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501(c)(3)charitable organization, the mission of the MacDella Cooper Foundation (MCF) is to PREPARE, EDUCATE, TRAIN and MOTIVATE Africa’s most vulnerable children, disadvantaged youth and marginalized women to become productive contributors to their nation’s economic, social and political future.  MCF serves as a conduit among international funders, corporations and sponsors and local grassroots organizations, youth groups and individual children. Our goal is to help as many as possible to break free from the vicious cycle of poverty.


Educating and preparing the next generation of young Liberians to become contributing members to their nation’s economic and political future is the premise under which the MacDella Cooper Foundation was created. MCF focuses on educating school-age children, irrespective of their tribal, ethnic, or religious background. MCF provides them access to quality education, healthcare, nutrition and security. More than 200 school-age children have benefited from the MCF Academic Scholarship and the MCF educational system.

Today, MCF owns and operates an independent co-ed boarding school in Liberia: the MCF Academy. More than 100 children, ranging in age from 4-15 years from some of the nation’s poorest communities and families, attend the MCF Academy on a full academic scholarship. Academic scholarship students receive access to three nutritious meals per day, healthcare, shelter and security in an environment that is safe and conducive to learning. Since its inception in 2004, MCF continues to provide full academic scholarships to deserving students to attend other high schools, colleges and universities in and around Liberia.

For more than a decade, MCF has been working to create real opportunities for youth in Liberia who are ready and eager to participate in the development and the future of their nation…but their opportunities to do so are too few. As a result, youth become frustrated and often engage in unproductive activities.

MCF is assisting and responding to these youth in crisis by providing academic scholarships that allow young people to continue their education; creating jobs and providing skills training through vocational education; and providing them the opportunity to give back to their communities through volunteerism.

MCF also hosts camps, summits, leadership conferences and other inspirational gatherings, and connects young people with international or local mentors.

“We have to invest in women and girls as champions of development who can lift their families out of extreme poverty.” ~ First Lady Michelle Obama

The MacDella Cooper Foundation is doing just that. MCF invests in women and girls by providing them with tools and resources that help break the vicious cycle of poverty that they and their families are living in. Specifically, MCF provides women and girls with access to basic skills and job training, adult literacy and education and small business loans. MCF also promotes the importance of family planning and reproductive health, and psychosocial and spiritual counseling.

MCF works in partnership with grassroots organizations, vocational programs and schools that promote the advancement of women and girls.

“When I took a broad look at the problems in Africa, I realized that the need to empower women and girls to take care of themselves and their children is paramount. By creating more opportunities for women and girls, a shift in their behavior happens, they begin to see themselves as leaders instead of helpless bystanders.

It’s all about teaching women and girls to engage in their communities more positively, and more powerfully. When women and girls become self-sufficient and self-reliant, we put an end to the vicious cycle of poverty.”
~ MacDella Cooper ~


To date, MCF has transformed the lives of more than a thousand children from different orphanages and communities around the country. In addition to bringing hope and a future to orphaned children and abandoned youth, MCF is expanding its efforts to work with women and girls across Liberia. The foundation is also paving the way to help bring affordable solar energy to Africa.

“I’m driven by compassion, but I’m also a realistic person. I can’t change the whole world, but I can help a few hundred kids. By educating and caring for as many children as I can, I know they’ll contribute to the future economic development of their nation.”

~ MacDella Cooper ~


MCF provides many opportunities for funders, organizations, individuals and families to join the MCF movement toward educating and developing Africa’s most vulnerable populations (i.e., women, orphaned children and abandoned youth). Opportunities range from becoming a financial sponsor, to sending care packages to becoming a mentor or a youth ambassador for the cause. Other giving opportunities include supporting the foundation’s annual children’s Christmas party for hundreds of children in Monrovia.


  • In-kind donations of goods
  • Provide scholarships
  • Provide internships for our students
  • Employee engagement
  • Financial sponsorship of MCF’s programs and initiatives
and learn how you can change the lives of one of our supported orphans, disadvantaged women or an abandoned youth.

Email our Ambassador Program Manager to join the team:

of the year in Liberia, many children feel left out of the festivities simply because they don’t have families who can afford to give them a warm meal on Christmas day.

Every year, MCF organizes a Christmas celebration in Monrovia for hundreds of orphaned children and abandoned youth, including a warm meal and gifts. To support the annual celebration, please email us at

you can create send a care package of basic supplies for an MCF student who lacks the means to afford necessities for the academic year.

Email us at to donate a care package.


MCF extends special thanks to our current partners:

Substantially reliant on volunteers, approximately 80% of all funds raised from individual donors, organizational sponsors and foundation sources go directly to support the MCF mission. Within a variable operating budget ($250-300K per year), only local staff in Liberia are salaried.